Token Distribution

Within each generation, IAMX tokens are allocated to six categories: Usage (80%), Token Purchases (14%), Team (3%), Marketing (2%), Community (1%), and Innovation (1%). As an example, the 2.75 billion first generation allocation will be as follows:


80% of the total number of tokens within each generation are allocated to Usage, where 1 token is allocated for each new user. In the first generation this represents a total of 2.2 billion IAMX tokens. For example, if, as an Issuer, a Telecommunication company onboards 10 million new users, 10 million IAMX tokens are minted and transferred to the wallets of each of the new users

Token Purchases & the IAMX ISPO

Each generation, 14% of the total token amount is allocated to Token Purchases. Phase 1 will see roughly 374 million tokens allocated to this category. The IAMX ISPO and token private sales will take place over five phases, according to the table below:
For example, if a buyer pays €10,000 in Phase 3, when the strike price is €0.40 per token, they will receive 25,000 IAMX tokens with a linear vesting period of 25 months. For this period, 1000 IAMX tokens can be claimed via the IAMX Delegation Center each month.


The IAMX team will be allocated 3% of the total token supply, which will be awarded based on the performance and milestone achievements of the IAMX team members. In the first generation, this will be approximately 75 million IAMX tokens.


2% of token supply for each generation will be allocated to marketing efforts, to promote brand awareness and contribute to profitable customer acquisition. In the first generation, there will be approximately 50 million IAMX tokens allocated to Marketing.


Each generation will see 1% of the generational supply delegated to the IAMX Pool. In the first generation, 1% represents approximately 26 million IAMX tokens.


Finally, 1% of the token supply for each generation is reserved for contribution to the development of future business areas and revenue streams. For the first generation, there will be approximately 25 million IAMX tokens allocated to Innovation