What is IAMX?

🔓iOS, Android, Browser Plug-ins

IAMX is a plugin which will allow users to be connected to the internet without needing to log in with usernames and passwords, you will no longer need to fill in forms either. With IAMX you are connected to the internet all the time. This means you will be able to buy everything with 1Click, which in turn will save you time and money in the highest convenience.

🤑How do I earn money by using IAMX?

IAMX rewards all parties interacting within the IAMX ecosystem through a revenue sharing model. This model is based on the The IAMX ecosystem Affiliate Marketing process.

📑What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a sales model in which a company (merchant) pays a commission to others (publisher) to advertise their products to generate sales. Affiliate Marketing is responsible for €12 billion in eCommerce sales annually
IAMX is adding a new layer to this established model through SSI by including a verifier to the already established trio of publisher, merchant and customer .
This means merchants will see an increase to conversion rates between 2% and 5%

👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼What does this mean for me?

Merchants will benefit immensely from the IAMX ecosystem. This in turn will be more beneficial for you as a customer with cheaper products/services, and more seamless experiences.
The merchant that use IAMX will:
1️⃣ Save onboarding costs
The cost of onboarding a new customer through the KYC process can be between $10-$15 USD. IAMX eliminates these costs, offering consumers the ability to register and authenticate immediately.
2️⃣ Prevent conversion breaks
IAMX significantly reduces the amount of drop-off (customers who start – but don’t complete – the KYC and/or purchasing process) thanks to its simple 1-click solution for transferring data.
3️⃣ Eliminate fraud
Fraud causes large losses for businesses relying upon subscription-based payments. IAMX is the solution to the fraud problem by making use of verifiable credential container sets.
4️⃣ Avoid costly data storage
GDPR and other similar measures are making storage of personal data a costly hassle. With IAMX, businesses no longer need to store personal identifiable information, as it is stored in the consumer’s wallet.
😵When the merchants can save on all of these areas, their bottom line will increase, which in turn, they will be able to give YOU as the customer cheaper products/services.