NFT Identity Standard (CIP-066)

IOG, IAMX, and NMKR collaborated in developing a verification method for NFTs (CIP-066). The CIP introduces a new standard where DIDs are utilized to verify the authenticity of an NFT project/artist.
Protect and verify your NFTs
IOG, IAMX and NMKR collaborated to explore various possible solutions to create NFT Identity. By creating an identity for a NFT project, you verify your identity and prove creative ownership over your NFT collection within seconds — and you always stay in control of your data.
Working Group
The working group for the Cardano Improvement Proposal CIP 066 ( consist of Dennis Mittmann (IAMX), Tim Brückmann (IAMX), Patrick Tobler (NMKR), Esteban Garcia (IOG) and Lohan Spies (IOG). The CIP is still open to receive feedback to improve.
About NFT Identity
The creator of the NFT successfully logs in to a maximum number of accounts such as: Apple, Discord, Facebook, Github, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Microsoft, Outlook, PayPal, Reddit, Snapchat, Steam, Stripe, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube.
The successful log in including the account name is stored in a DID method (decentralized identifier), chosen by the creator of the NFT and can be integrated into any NFT project.
The purchaser of the NFT can check in which accounts and under which username the creator has successfully logged in. The NFT identity check works with policy id, DID method, pointer reference / source and asset ID. Check more details here:
It is possible to add additional verification data to NFT Identity such as KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and KYB (Know-Your-Business). The system is open for future changes and new possibilities. All projects are invited to collaborate.
Benefits NFT Identity
• Verify creator
• Prove authenticity
• Protect value
• Visible in any wallet
• Visible in any NFT Marketplace
• Prevent fraud
• Increase the second market revenues
What is a decentralized identifier (DID)?
A decentralized identifier (DID) is a globally unique, persistent, machine-friendly, resolvable, cryptographically verifiable decentral identifier for storage of verifiable credential container sets, fully in control of the holder. The DID is the address of a public key on a blockchain or another decentralized network. The verifier can verify the signature of the holder / issuer using the holder’s public key. The DID identifies resources that are not on the web such as people, organizations, assets and anything that can be identified by providing metadata information that represents this resource.