November 2021

IAMX AG was founded in Zug, Switzerland IAMX demonstrated Proof of Work, live & end-to-end (data, verification, shipment, payment, delivery)

December 2021

Filed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) application

March 2022

W3C Accreditation of did:iamx:anyledger DID method Creation of IAMX NFT Identity
IAMX is growing and plans to incorporate the IAMX NFT Identity architecture across multiple social media and Web2 platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, GitHub, Marketplace Account, YouTube, IBAN Verification, e-mail platforms, mobile phone numbers, legally binding KYC and KYB. Users will be able to lookup IAMX NFT ID simply, with only a mouseover. IAMX identity wallets currently exist for iOS, Android, and Browser Plugins, with plans for full launch in the near future. Coming soon is the IAMX Video Identification technology, along with Marketplace and Affiliate Connect