IAMX for Business

New possibilities for merchants and publishers.

IAMX rewards all parties interacting within the IAMX ecosystem through a revenue sharing model. This model is based on the Affiliate Marketing process.
Cut onboarding costs
Prevent conversion breaks
Eliminate fraud
Avoid costly data storage

We are adding a new layer to your sales model.

IAMX is adding a new layer to the affiliate marketing model through SSI by including a verifier to the already established trio of publisher, merchant and customer.
The merchant's perspective
The SSI & publisher's perspective
The verifier's perspective
The customer's perspective
Saves KYC onboarding costs.
Increases conversion rate by a factor of 2.5.
Eliminates fraud and the hassle of storing personal data.
Strongly increases ROI of marketing investments and customer acquisition.
Creates revenue streams.
Increases IAMX token use and burn rate providing passive income for its private sale investors.
Creates commission based revenue streams every time SSI backed by the verifier’s pre authenticated data is used in the sales processes.
Increase in profit and a competitive edge against competitors for offering customers a SSI solution.
Maintains control over identity.
Saves time and money with 1-click registrations and purchases.
Trusts in the security of their identity.

No more conversion breaks. More turnover.

Web3 is about to explode, expanding SSI throughout the new world of metaverses, wallets, and full integration with the Internet.