IAMX For Individuals

Take back control of your identity.

Transparency and individual sovereignty based on superior blockchain technology means you can take back control. You are a free agent, the protagonist of your identity, and the beneficiary of its value.
Benefit from your identity
Give an identity to the unidentified
Enjoy 1-click authentication
01. Verify your pre-
authenticated data.
02. Store and manage your 
identity in your wallet.
03. Your wallet 
address on the blockchain.
04. Authenticate with a 1-click process.
This includes government issued IDs, credit reports, and other personally identifying information (PII).
IAMX enables you to include your pre-authenticated data and other data such as payment information in your favorite crypto wallet.
With your wallet address on the blockchain, IAMX can reference (but not see) your identity for any transaction requiring your information.
Through the use of the IAMX Chrome extension or mobile app, you can register or authenticate on any website or app with a single click.

Get started.

It’s easy to establish your identity with IAMX: Use one of our Biometric Identity Gateways; Self-enroll with your pre-authenticated identity from one of our trusted telco partners; On-demand KYC; Or use a wireless-enabled ID, like a passport.

Your identity saved in your digital wallet.

Keep your authenticated and encrypted identity safely in your wallet, and take advantage of 1Click fulfillment within the IAMX ecosystem.

Make more out of your identity.

With IAMX, not only do you benefit when your identity is used – you get access to rewards and incentives from partners of IAMX, like