Landano allows property owners to create legally-binding title deeds for their land via an easy-to-use, decentralized app (dApp). The title deeds and supporting documents are notarized on the Cardano blockchain. A non-fungible token (NFT) is generated for each registered land title. Using a shared, auditable ledger like the Cardano blockchain improves transparency and prevents fraud by demonstrating that only one legitimate deed exists per registered property.


“Cashback” is the newest trend in the e-commerce industry for customer acquisition, retention, better branding and efficient market capitalization. is currently live in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. They are expanding to Ireland in March, US in April and UK in May. (Eternl) offers features requested by the community and supports multi-delegations, SAM- Single Address Mode, dApps integration & support for smart contract. It’s fully compatible with Yoroi and Daedalus, so you can restore your wallet with ADA handle is already integrated and offers full support for ADA handle’s NFT-powered naming solution.


Since its foundation in 2017, Blockpit has been pursuing the goal of bringing the necessary transparency and trust to a blockchain based financial market with software compliance solutions.
Blockpit is the fastest growing compliance provider for digital assets and currently holds over 50 employees in 6 countries.
Blockpit simplify tracking, monitoring, reporting and risk scoring for both large and small participants in the crypto ecosystem with the right solution. To make sure your tax reports always correspond to the current legal status, this analysis is done by KPMG, one of Blockpit’s partners.


Waya are building the infrastructure to power production at the point of demand and at the source of natural resources. The capacity of the producers is determined by demand and efficiency.


Liqwid is an open source DeFi protocol that creates liquidity pools with algorithmically set interest rates, calculated by the lender supply and borrower demand for the asset. Suppliers and borrowers of an asset connect directly to the market’s smart contract within the protocol, earning and paying a variable interest rate each block with no requirement to settle contract terms beforehand, a common practice with traditional finance’s fixed income products. Every liquidity pool is exclusive to a native asset on Cardano which includes an archive of all transactions, and the interest rate index for that market.

Ada Handle

Ada Handle is a NFT-powered naming solution for your Cardano wallet address, secured entirely on-chain via the Handle Standard. A Cardano wallet holding an Ada handle NFT, can use their Ada Handle ($adahandle) to receive assets or use other services.


SmartPlaces are building a social ecosystem on Cardano. By benefitting from blockchain technology, SmartPlaces incentivize users to interact with their social geolocation-based mobile app. While centralized social media platforms earns by selling your data, SmartPlaces rewards users for using their decentralized social ecosystem.

Nft-maker (NMKR)

NFT-MAKER is building a full service NFT ecosystem. Starting with the minting API as the technical foundation, they will continue to build tools and services to make it easy for projects, customers and the crypto community to engage with NFTs.

Teddy Troops

Teddy Troops have been occupying the public space since 2001. It’s now more than 20 years since street and graffiti artist Flying Förtress started his art career. Teddy Troops come in many forms from vinyl toys, painting, stickers and now NFTs. With more than 100.000 followers on social media, Flying Förtress and Teddy Troopers are already a successful project with a rich heritage.


WADA is a resource network for unlocking the potential of Africa & Diaspora with Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation. Their hubs focus on bringing access to blockchain technology to local communities with an emphasis on educating and engaging members throughout Africa.