IAMX Journal #1

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Its been an amazing few last days, with lots happening at IAMX. On Friday we announced our submisson of a Cardano Improvement Proposal to verify NFT projects using DIDs together with our partner NMKR (NFT-MAKER).
We've also just launched our new website. Come and check it out - We think you will love it!
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As individuals and organizations, many of us use globally unique identifiers in a wide variety of contexts. They serve as communications addresses (telephone numbers, email addresses, usernames on social media), ID numbers (for passports, drivers licenses, tax IDs, health insurance), and product identifiers (serial numbers, barcodes, RFIDs). URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) are used for resources on the Web and each web page you view in a browser has a globally unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
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IAMX and NMKR want the verification process on NFT-projects to be a decentralized process. We’re proud to announce our new CIP that will define a standard where Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are used.
This will not only decentralize a centralized process, but will save time for marketplaces and add a security layer to the process.
🚀 Are you ready to join the race? 🏎
We are gearing up our ISPO by adding five levels for all our delegators. Simply put, the longer you stay, the faster you’ll go, earning IAMX tokens at a greater and greater speed. We want to give more to those who stay with us for the long haul!
In this article, we’ll outline the five levels and their benefits that you can enjoy. So, put on your helmets & fasten your seat belts as here we go!!
🤷‍♀️ Why Participate in an ISPO? The ISPO as a token launch first came about a year ago when MELD launched the world’s first ISPO and since then it has become a popular way for Cardano based projects to offer the wider crypto community a nice entry into their token. What we love about the ISPO model is that all participants get to keep the Ada that they stake securely, whilst earning IAMX tokens and allowing for an expansion of their crypto portfolio.
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Over 1 billion people in the world today have no legal identity — no birth certificate, no driver’s license, no passport, no ability whatsoever to prove they exist. While “staying off the grid” may sound like a desirable goal to some, having no identity severely limits a person’s ability in today’s world to exist outside of abject poverty.
In short, a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is an identity that you own. With SSI, you are the sole holder of your identity and all the information within it. You hold it in a digital wallet, and you get to decide who can see your identity and how much of the information within your identity they get to see.