IAMX Journal #2

🎁The last few weeks have been great for us! 🎈More importantly, we have some great news for you!🎈
💪IOG, IAMX, and NMKR collaborated in developing a verification method for NFTs (CIP-066). The CIP introduces a new standard where DIDs are utilized to verify the authenticity of an NFT project/artist.
🆔Join us for our Twitter Space!
Tony Rose from IOG & Patrick Tobler from NMKR is joining IAMX Identity Lounge! Make sure to set your reminder on, as Dennis Mittmann, our CTO is having a chat with them!
📅Monday 22.08.22 🕗8PM CET 🕑2PM EST
⭐Tim Ringel has joined IAMX as a Strategic Advisor!
Tim Ringel is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO of various international groups of companies, with over 20 years of experience within the investment, financial and advertising sector. 👇
😲Do you find it hard to explain to others what IAMX is, or what IAMX does? We got just the video for you! Check out our new IAMX explainer video on YouTube.