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When is the stake pool anticipated to end/ How much longer will the ISPO run? / When does the ISPO finish?
There is a number of IAMX token that will be distributed to the delegators. The ISPO ends as soon as all of them are distributed. That will for sure not be for another 6 months.
What happened to onboarding telecoms?
A few changes after we onboarded KYC/KYB-provider. Instead of just onboarding through specific Telecoms, we're also adding a KYC in the app so it will be available for everybody at launch.
How does the rewards structure for the ISPO work?
The best way to understand the rewards structure of the token is to check out our deck. Scroll down to the token metrics & conditions section to get more information.
Pitch deck:
Where can I trade my IAMX tokens
Currently you can trade IAMX on muesli and sundaeswap, however the liquidity is not high there. The first half of next year we will have a IAMX token marketplace where we will be able to trade IAMX tokens directly to the business that need them.
How is IAMX different from Atala Prism and is there a partnership between the two?
It's not competition. Atala Prism will be a tool that IAMX uses. Atala PRISM is a 1 layer solution and a tool we use. We're a 40 layer solution meaning we can connect to 40 different layers/blockchains. To use an analogy, you can say that PRISM is a containership. We are the containers on that ship. We have both Plutus and PRISM pioneers and are building our solution on Cardano. To do a KYC, you will have to have pre-authenticated users or a system that can authenticate users/create identities. We have both. 750M pre-authenticated users through 49 telecos and biometrical terminals ready to be deployed (120 this year, but will deploy a total of 2000). This is why IOG made these solutions. As Charles Hoskinson said: "We can't do it alone, we have to work together".
What is the total supply of IAMX tokens?
2.75 billion. For more info check out the deck:
What's the best/correct pool to delegate to?
IAMX till it is saturated, then you should use the others with numbers
Where can I stake/ collect my rewards?
You can stake or collect your rewards here:
When will the IAMX marketplace go live?
Q2-3 2023!
We are actually focused on integration my our partners and bringing reusable KYC live. Once this is done we will focus on the market place.
Can I still participate in the IAMX private sale?
Yes you can send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected] for more info