IAMX Journal #4

👨‍🎓Have you ever tried to explain crypto to your parents or a skeptical friend? Did they make some sort of statement about how ridiculous it is to allow anyone to create their own currency out of “thin air” and that investing in cryptocurrencies is “nothing more than gambling”?
Learn more about the importance and future of Web3
🎵Do you ever wonder about the future of NFT's and music?
In this week's Twitter Space, IAMX CEO, Tim Heidfeld is joined by Florian from NEWM, Patrick from NMKR and Dako from Goldmann Music, to explore the future of NFT's and music.
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🤔Do you want to learn even more about Digital ID's and their impact on the web?
CEO and Co-Founder Tim Heidfeld was recently interviewed by Learn Cardano on YouTube.
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